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Cause of failure of die cutting machine

Good quality Flexo printing slotting die cutting machine for sales
Good quality Flexo printing slotting die cutting machine for sales
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Cause of failure of die cutting machine
Cause of failure of die cutting machine

1, die-cutting knife version of the production process error, can not absolutely achieve the ideal die-cutting indentation position. Die cutting indentation and printing the working environment will cause different cardboard fiber deformation or extension, but also make die cutting indentation are not allowed. Should try to ensure that die-cutting indentation to ensure the consistency of the working environment. Now die-cutting knife production methods are mainly hand-made plate and laser plate two. Laser plate-making accuracy is relatively high, the design and cutting by the computer and mechanical completion, suitable for high-grade packaging die-cutting.

2, cardboard Miao mouth different rules. All die-cutting machine itself will produce precision error, to improve the accuracy of die-cutting indentation, we must choose high-precision die-cutting machine. Manual plate-making way to the plate of the technical level of high, plate-making machine by the technical level and experience of the plate and other factors, suitable for precision is not high in the short version of the packaging. Therefore, to get a good die cutting accuracy, we must choose the advanced plate-making way; such as check the paperboard Miao mouth specifications error, may be the die-cutting machine after the positioning of the distance is too small, you can adjust the positioning, Positioning distance to solve;

3, die-cutting indentation and printing of the grid is not correct, the solution is based on product requirements to re-correction die-cutting version, sets of printing and die cutting indentation, but also by adjusting the paper transport side positioning rules or Pre-positioning rules to correct, so die-cutting indentation and printing grid bit registration.

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