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Maintenance and repair of carton packaging machinery

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Maintenance and repair of carton packaging machinery
Maintenance and repair of carton packaging machinery

Carton packaging machinery for a variety of cartons of continuous operation, the form of heat in the form of coal or diesel and electric type. It is the most commonly used machine in carton processing. The maintenance and repair points are as follows:

1, replace the carton packaging machinery worm gear reducer lubricants, lubricants can choose 10, 20 or 30 oil.

2, the parts after the repair of the whole machine assembly, boot operation, observe the normal operation of the machine. Appropriate heating of the drum, and put a small amount of carton packaging machinery special oil, so that it melts the inner surface of the cylinder, and then cut off all the power. If necessary, the machine can be sprayed on the appearance of paint, dry and covered with plastic paper, dry place to save.

3, if the chain loose, you can take a few sections to remove the method to adjust, if it has been seriously elongated, it should be replaced. In the use of carton machinery in accordance with a certain amount of the way and principles to use, in accordance with a certain way of maintenance and maintenance, timely resolution of different fault problems, adjust and replace the chain should be noted: the chain joint spring card installation direction should be Chain operation in the same direction, so as to avoid running shock, beating, and even collision off.

4, all the rolling bearings for washing and washing, and add a new grease, can be used calcium sodium grease.

5, remove all the dirt on the friction surface, especially for the chain and sprocket to be cleaned, re-filling the oil.

Carton packaging machinery maintenance and maintenance repair some technical staff to carry out maintenance and repair, to ensure that the carton machinery in the use of quality and performance in the production of cartons play an important role and value.

6, check the stove is leaked smoke, if found smoke, should be washed drums, stoves and chimneys and other checks and found that damage should be promptly repaired and replaced. Electric heating models should check the heating tube for damage, there should be replaced.

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